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About this project

This website constitutes a research project for Dr. Zach Whalen’s Applied Digital Studies class at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. My research aims to understand the ways in which a changing late-2010s web culture has impacted the medium of the webcomic, as a way to understand a greater variety of changes in online content creation. Particularly, I’m focusing on the ways that online crowdfunding services and the changing dynamics of social media have changed the culture of webcomics, and by extension, online art creation. Where necessary, I’m using non-webcomic media as illustrative examples, due to the way content creation and fan engagement on the Internet interweave with one another.

To read my research, either in order or by topic, go through the sidebar menu by topic, starting with the introduction. You can also view an interactive timeline displaying the cultural history of webcomics, or get a sense of further reading and reference on the subject.

For any inquiries, contact me from my main site.